Why celebrities, CEOs and politicians make meditation part of their daily routine

Prerak Patel
Why celebrities, CEOs and politicians make meditation part of their daily routine

It is estimated that each person makes about 58 thousand more or less articulated thoughts a day. The continuous interruptions and the overabundance of stimuli, high levels of emotional stress accentuate the natural tendency of the mind to dispersion. Meditation induces calm in the mind and refocuses attention, increasing concentration and lowering stress levels.

Meditation is increasingly included in corporate welfare programs where - according to a McKinsey survey - there is a greater commitment by employees (+ 30%) and an economic advantage: for every $150 of costs (welfare package) the company has a net benefit of $300 per employee.

The topics that we have often heard from professionals and entrepreneurs are:

  • Stress - linked to complex decision-making processes, deadlines to be met, uncertainty of the results
  • Anxiety and fatigue - caused by an excessive load of activity, management of time, no longer having "free time"
  • Frustration - due to the feeling of not transmitting one's ideas in the right way, or to the competition that is increasingly "ahead".

We need to train more "transversal" skills: listening, accepting opinions different from ours, containing the ego, being able to accept a defeat. Yoga helps us in this direction!

Try to think how you would feel if you could:

knowingly manage your ENERGY every day, knowing that you always have enough to reach your goals.

have CLARITY in pursuing your goals naturally with determination

be able to make commitments and pursue them with DISCIPLINE

act and express yourself effectively, always aligned with your VALUES

be aware that the RESPONSIBILITY of your life and your actions is in your hands

have a strong INTUITION and know how to use it in your decisions

thanks to your CHARISMA, express your role and your ideas with creativity.

Would you like to have a strong personal impact and a wide choice?

In order to make our goal the best trip, we must get used to developing and refining 3 skills:

  • Conscious management of ENERGY
  • INTUITION developed and pursued

From yoga we have inherited some really effective tools to go and train these skills, especially if we cover a position of high profile as a CEO of a business, in politics or in entertainment.


Because yoga can help these people staying grounded, focused and more balanced while tackling everyday challenges, stress, deadlines and pressure on a daily basis.

An example?

Justin Trudeau, for example, is the Canadian prime minister and is all about yoga and health. Loved by all Canadian women, and not only by them, Justin Trudeau has become a style superhero. The rise of the Canadian prime minister is constantly documented by newspapers and blogs from all over the world that portray him obsessively. And above all, they never catch him out. Trudeau, without having the air of wanting to be, is perfect. Always. The Guardian also questions how it has become a cool symbol in three years. Often in shirt and tie, much less with the jacket, he shows off a remarkable physique. Unlike many of his peers, Trudeau is athletic. He often spontaneously shows off yoga positions while at the office promoting a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

Another example of a politician all about yoga not only because of its healthy features and goals but also for the yogic sense of community and union is Narendra Modi. India's prime minister, in Buenos Aires for the G20, brought the diplomacy of yoga to the summit, "India's gift to the world for health, well-being and peace," he said. And before the start of the work he participated in the event "Yoga for peace", a session of the discipline in which 4 thousand people took part. Addressing the audience, the premier said that yoga is the bridge for the vast distance between India and Argentina: "It unites the two countries and their peoples".

There are many other influencing personalities like celebrities and CEOS choosing yoga as a lifestyle and as a practice to tackle everyday pressure and anxiety like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen, Britney Spears and many more. While for CEOs, we have Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, Arianna Huffington, Cofounder of Huffington Post and more.

What if you are not a celebrities or a high profile personality but you want to bring some yoga to your work life to boost your performance and live stress in a better way?

Here come some very simple exercises, which are inspired by a precise, subtle and scientific technology, which acts in a concrete and immediate way on the nervous system and the endocrine system, consequently on the mental and on our behaviors.

Just 5 minutes of practice every day. The results are subjective, and already after 1 month there are definite signs of improvement.

Try a simple seemingly trivial breathing: full lung apnea.

  • Inhale
  • Hold on until it's comfortable
  • Exhale slowly

It is important that the breath starts from the belly.

Repeat 5 times

With simple breathing exercises you can "reset" the entire autonomic nervous system. In this way our body enters into "survival mode" and reorganizes all its resources to better face the situation. Breath brings the mind back to the body.

If you feel constantly on the other side, in the past or in the future so full of expectations and programs, just focus on the breath to return to the present, the here-and-now, leaving remorse and anxiety in the background.

You will soon see how amazing meditation can be to live even your stressful work life in a better, more productive but also healthier way.


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