Why Buy With Us

Affordable Curated Quality Products

Being a Yogi and living a healthy, balanced and harmonized life doesn’t have to be a luxury few can afford. We are on a mission to make everything you need accessible and affordable while making a difference in the lives of small business owners, artisans and farmers around the world!

The lifestyle we promote through our products on YogaTrader is inspired by our quest for balance between urban living and nature. Our products are inspired from traditional art, ancient wisdom and eastern philosophies.

Products you find on YogaTrader are sourced from manufacturers, farmers and designers from different countries like: India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Nepal and Tibet, and we're constantly on the hunt for more.

Giving back

While we take inspiration from the world around us, we also deeply care for the world we live in, from the products we curate to the way in which we give back to society.

We donate portion of our net profit to non-profits and humanitarian causes. The organizations we support include Save The Elephants, Care & Autism speaks.

In addition, your purchases:

Privacy & Security

As a lean startup, we operate on a slim budget, but we do not cut corners when it comes to privacy and security; we will guard your information with most advanced technology and never sell your information under any circumstances.

We are in business to make reasonable profits; and we will do so with honesty and integrity.