Tips for Caregivers Who Want More from Their Yoga Regimen (Hint: There’s an App for That!)

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Tips for Caregivers Who Want More from Their Yoga Regimen  (Hint: There’s an App for That!)

Caregiving can be a drain on your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga can be a revitalizing addition to your lifestyle, but over the course of time, sometimes even that can become a bit stale. If you’re looking for opportunities to get more from your regimen, the answer may lie in your smartphone, your own home or new equipment.


Take on Some Tech:


We don’t typically associate technology with yoga, but there are tech options especially well-suited to enriching your yoga practice. There are several terrific apps available you can add to your smartphone. It’s a great way to boost flexibility in your schedule and routine. Some apps allow you to snag five minutes here and there, some provide hundreds of guided classes and access to experts, and once you establish a routine, some allow you to work out Wi-Fi-free. 


Of course, a viable phone is a key piece of the puzzle. If it’s time to upgrade yours or your plan is expiring, look for something that will mesh with your budget and data use. There are even service providers who offer money toward buying the latest and greatest phones, or a model just one or two steps down. If you tend to burn through data or are planning to rely on your phone for yoga, an unlimited data plan might even be ideal.


Set Aside Space:


Being a caregiver is a time-consuming proposition. If you have trouble finding time to go to class, or if you just need more opportunities for some “me time,” an in-home yoga studio can be an ideal retreat.


Yoga Journal recommends that your DIY yoga sanctuary is sparsely decorated, freeing you from distractions and allowing space to stretch. Do some decluttering, choose a calming color scheme, and consider adding some aromatherapy in the form of incense, essential oils, or candles. Consider combing second-hand shops or flea markets for a unique treasure as well. Look for something that speaks to you and that you’ll enjoy pondering on a routine basis. 


Equip Your Space:


When it comes to adding fresh things to your regimen, a new piece of equipment or two can augment your practice in amazing ways. Think about your challenges, and consider additions that can address your concerns.


As an example, VerywellMind points out caregivers can be particularly vulnerable to stress. Facing a loved one’s serious illness, financial issues, demanding schedules, and so forth can take a toll. With that in mind, consider relaxing exercises using a bolster. Ideal for quieting your mind and relieving stress, there are various positions that help ease symptoms such as high blood pressure, tension, and trouble concentrating. 


Are your concerns more physical in nature? If you struggle with things like balance or range of motion, for instance, adding blocks can provide the support and structure you need. Do you have limited flexibility, particularly in your hamstrings or shoulders? Using straps can make a world of difference, helping you to address those tight areas directly and making your stretches more effective and enjoyable.


As a caregiver, it’s important to tend your personal needs. If your yoga practice feels stale, there are ways to refresh it. Consider establishing a space at home just for you, and make sure you’re well-equipped to make the most of every moment. Simple decisions can breathe new life into your yoga regimen and help you stay healthy and happy. 

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