Why Sell With Us

We offer a niche marketplace for yoga-inspired products and take care of your technology and on-line marketing related challenges so you could focus on what matters the most - products and customer service. We attract buyers who appreciate not only curated, high-quality items, but also want to give back and connect with communities around the globe.

If you are a small business or artisan and are passionate about your creations for a yoga-inspired, holistic or spiritual lifestyle…then we want to partner with you.

Niche Marketplace Focused on Yoga Lifestyle

Our platform is focused on the yoga lifestyle market and every visitor of the marketplace is a potential customer for what you offer. No guess work, no box you have to buy, no stats you will have to review, no marketing campaigns you will have to run.

FREE marketplace, keep all your profits

We succeed when our sellers succeed. We want to encourage our independent sellers and allow you the best opportunity to grow your business by providing you FREE marketplace. You pay No Monthly Fees, No Listing Fees and No Transaction Fees!

Export from existing Etsy or Shopify stores

With a few clicks you can export all or some products from your existing Etsy or Shopify stores, if you feel you don't have the experience or skills to do it, let our expert staff do it for you. Please drop us an email to get started.

No Intimidation

Unlike the big boys, we don’t touch your share of proceeds so there is no way we can hold onto money that belongs to you! And we will never shut you out without informing you. We will treat you like a family.

We’re Your Partner

We want you to succeed! Unlike the big corporate marketplaces which are only interested in the bottom line, we are also a small business…just like you. We listen to your needs and concerns and strive to make this site the best possible location for your business to succeed. You can always reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Giving back

While we take inspiration from the world around us,we also deeply care for the world we live in,from the products we curate to the way in which we give back to society.

We donate portion of our net profit to non-profits and humanitarian causes. The organizations we support include Save The Elephants, Care & Autism speaks.