Our Mission

We are on a mission to help people bring more meaning, peace and purpose to their daily lives by making handpicked, unique and authentic products inspired by Yoga, meditation, and eastern philosophies accessible and affordable while supporting small businesses, artisans and farmers with a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Our Vision

Connect underserved communities of artisans and farmers from around the world by connecting them directly to new markets and offer high-quality, curated products to our buyers at the best value possible.

Our Story

The founder of YogaTrader grew up in India with a very spiritual upbringing. Raised by a yoga-practitioner father, he learned the power of Yoga and Ayurveda at a very early age. Prayer, Mantra and Japa were part of his daily routine. Rudraksh and Yantras were his common accessories.

Everything changed when he moved to the United States. The mantras, prayers and japa were replaced by rat race while modern medicine took the place of the aurvedic home remedies of his youth. He had traded in the serenity of a balanced life for one of Western-style pursuit of success and wealth.

Eventually this hectic, materialistic lifestyle caught up with him in the form of a life-changing event. In reflection and conversations with his father, he realized that his health and well-being had been sacrificed. He knew he needed to return to the practices of his youth and live a life of purpose, peace and spirituality.

During the exploration of yoga driven second phase of life, he realized that the yoga-inspired product market was very fragmented and over-priced, he saw a need for consolidation of sellers on a single platform to make it easier for buyers to find and purchase products at a competitive prices. As a result this marketplace was born.

Our First and foremost goal is to serve the underserved and give back. We not only want to build a platform that benefits both buyers and sellers but do it with a higher purpose and in a way that affect change in communities around the world. We want to build a friendly community of like-minded people who enjoys healthy, spiritual and balanced life style.