Plain Tibetan Singing Bowl High Quality Buddha Statue Crafted

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igh quality plain Tibetan singing bowl with carved Buddha image. Comes with square dragon printed, black Tibetan fabric cushion and black felted leather wooden mallet.

While preparing this majestical bowl, the dice or galli has a pre-carved image inside so when the hot liquid is poured inside the image gets traced onto the bowl.

Types/Material of Tibetan Singing Bowl : Brass

Singing Bowl Size

Diameter : 5"/13cm

Height : 2.5"/6cm


700 gms ± 50 gms

Striker size(inch)

Diameter: 2.5cm/1''

Lentgth: 18 cm/7"

Weight: 70 gms ± 10gms

Cushion size(inch) : 6"/14cm (Length)

Color : Brass Color Shining

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