Handmade Special Tibetan Mantra Etched & Carved Healing Faith Singing Bowl

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Handmade High quality seven metal singing bowl with detailed Buddhist mantra and Sankha or conch etching. The white conch shell represents the beautiful, deep, melodious, interpenetrating and pervasive sound of the dharma, which awakens disciples from the deep slumber of ignorance and urges them to accomplish their own welfare and the welfare of others.

These seven metals have great significance in the alchemical system of healing, and are also astrologically associated with 7 different planets or celestial bodies; namely, sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These also correspond with certain key qualities or personalities of humans as described in astrology. The seven metals are: Iron, Copper, Zinc, Brass, Mercury, Gold and Silver.

This finely finished handmade singing bowl can be used during yoga sessions, religious rituals and also for chakra healing, meditation and relaxation. The magnificent piece comes with a ring Tibetan fabric cushion and high quality rosewood mallet.

Types/Material : 7 metal handmade

Singing Bowl Size

  • Diameter : 6"/15 cm
  • Height : 3.3"/8.5 cm(approx)


  • 650 gms ± 50 gms
Striker size(inch)
  • Diameter: 2.5cm/1''
  • Length : 7"/18 cm
  • Weight: 65 gms ± 10gms

Cushion size(inch) : 6"/14 cm (Diameter)

Color : Antique

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