What is Tantra

Peter Patel
What is Tantra


Tantra means to expand beyond our limitations. It also means to weave; to weave the teachings of this ancient wisdom into our lives. And to weave the experiences of our daily life into intelligence and wisdom. There are many different Tantra techniques to match the diverse individuals exploring them. Through these techniques we achieve freedom in this world, recognizing its resplendence. The layers of illusion that are steeped in the mind create suffering. We can move beyond this!

Tantra lies at the heart of the yoga tradition and the entire spiritual wisdom of the East. The study, practice and experience of this tradition awakens our Divine spark. Tantra melds with yoga and ayurveda to establish a complete system of wholeness.

There is much confusion about tantra. In the East it is associated with black magic and in the West it is associated with sexual practices.

There are different Tantric approaches, the left hand path with its esoteric practices and the right hand path with its devotional aspects. The middle path combines the best of both and that is the path I follow.

Shankara, India’s greatest philosopher who lived in the 8th century had a vision: The Divine Mother revealed Sri Vidya (resplendent knowledge) to him and he wrote the Soundharya Lahari - The Wave of Beauty and Bliss. This text includes the five qualities of Reality or the Tantric World View:

1. World is beautiful because it is a manifestation of the most beautiful one.

2. Life is a gift from the Divine.

3. I am part of the Divine.

4. The world is an endless ocean of ambrosia; my body is but an island.

5. All that happens is waves rising and falling, neither inauspicious nor meaningful.


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