Luxury Merino Wool Scarf. 100% Made in Italy. Soft, warm and elegant.

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Luxury Merino Wool Scarf. 100% Made in Italy. Soft, warm and elegant. Extremely versatile merino wool scarf, incredibly soft and warm, will make you feel perfect in any occasion. This luxurious accessory, created for you with love, is a fashionable clothing liked by both women and men. Excellent to wear in the most diverse climatic conditions: especially as an accessory and protective layer during the cold winter months. ✨ What you buy when you buy this elegant and soft scarf: ● Top quality long lasting accessory ● Made in Italy 100% with love and 35 years expertise ● Much care and good energy put into it by our designers and workers ● An original and unique scarf ● A light, warm and insulating scarf ✨ ORIGINAL DESIGN The design is inspired by the lotus flower, an aquatic plant that produces large decorative flowers similar to water lilies, and whose particular characteristic of opening the corolla during the day and closing at night symbolizes regeneration and vital force, as well as being an emblem of purity and spirituality. ✨ COLOUR VARIATIONS You can choose from a selection of colours: 8 color combinations, ranging from darker ones such as, for example, dark blue-dark gray, to more soft ones such as, for example, white-lilac. CHARACTERISTICS COD: SP-T-W-LOTUS-05 YARN: MERINO WOOL 100% DIMENSIONS: 25x200 cm WEIGHT: 300 gr COLOR: var. #5 - white/beige ORIGIN OF PRODUCT: MADE IN ITALY 100% CHOOSE NOW AND BUY YOUR FAVORITE!

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