100% Merino Wool Plaid CUSTOMIZABLE. Design MAGIA. Soft, Warm, Natural. Made in Italy

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The luxurious plaid in soft and warm 100% natural merino wool; customizable and made with the highest quality yarns. It’s ideal to warm your sleep or to keep you company on cool autumn evenings, on cold winter days! Soft, fluffy and very warm the plaid makes you feel protected. Luxurious and wonderful. Your Own Merino Wool Style. ✨ What you buy when you buy this elegant and soft plaid: ● Top quality long lasting plaid ● Made in Italy 100% with love and 35 years expertise ● Much care and good energy put into it by our designers and workers ● An original and unique plaid ● A plaid different from all the others ● A light, warm and insulating plaid ✨ ORIGINAL DESIGN The design of this plaid is inspired by the idea that, according to "magical thinking", man is part of the whole, where a microcosm, which is man himself, corresponds to a macrocosm, which is the world. In the context of this correspondence, the magician is a man - microcosm - who knows how to penetrate the secrets of everything - macrocosm - and who knows how to dominate nature and events. ✨ CUSTMIZABLE You can also add a special, personal touch such as a name or a date of birth or whatever you prefer. ✨ COLOUR VARIATIONS You can choose from different designs and from a selection of colours: the wool plaid are available in 9 color combinations ranging, among others, from the classic blue-white, through the bolder orange-yellow, to the elegant light grey-dark grey. ✨ CHARACTERISTICS COD: PL-T-W-MAGIA-01 YARN: MERINO WOOL 100% DIMENSIONS: 160x180 cm WEIGHT: 1.300 gr COLOR: var. #1 dark blue/white Choose and customize it now!

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