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Animamia is a great place where you can shop exclusive and luxurious blankets, plaid, scarves, shawls, baby blankets and stroller blankets 100% made in Italy: we have 35 years of experience in knitwear production to offer you only the best. We really put into our products our soul, or rather Animamia! We lovingly create our items for you using only the highest quality yarns: 100% cashmere and 100% merino wool. These yarns allow you to have light, soft, long lasting and at the same time warm and insulating products.
Care About You
Care About You sells yoga, meditation and yogi lifestyle jewelry. We select and manufacture our line to encompass not only what is best for the environment, but best for you, as a dedicated yogi.
Hathor Universal
Hathor is an online resource that provides access to sacred knowledge to solve the challenges of modern day life. Hathor is introducing a perspective on spirituality that offers a balance between the fast paced transformations and norms offered by modernity with time-tested methods and practices of traditional indigenous cultures that sustained humanity for millennia.
Myths For Little Yogis
A children's book, "Shiva's Dance: Myths for little Yogis" speaks to the myth of Shiva as he becomes the great dancer Nataraja.
New Wave Supply Company
New Wave Supply Company is a woman-owned small business located in Denver, Colorado. Our inspiration comes from everywhere -- from the local gym & yoga studio, to years of traveling around the globe. Our mission is to create clothing and accessories for children and their parents that reflect their active lifestyle, as well as, inspire others to live mindful, healthy, and active lives. And, of course, we want it to be FUN! In starting-up New Wave Supply, it was important that we not create additional waste which could have a negative impact on our environment. That is why the majority of our packaging is either 100% reusable, recycled/recyclable and/or compostable. More unique designs coming soon!
One Farm
• One Farm is a completely vertically integrated USDA-Certified Organic CBD company. • At One Farm, we have our own farm and processing facility in Colorado, one of only three companies that have both. • All our hemp has been grown and processed at these facilities, where we literally handle everything from seed to shelf. • One Farm independently tests every batch of oil we produce, so you can be assured of - and track - the purity of every product. This is the quality we demand of ourselves and want to share with you and your customers.  Whether it's CBD oil or one of our creams or lotions, we provide the highest quality CBD available.
PAL Candles and Crafts
Wood signs Homemade candles and wax melts Misc. Crafts
Planet 9 yoga Shop
We sell yoga and holistic products Gongs and singing bowls and more
Sea Level Video
1 DVD - Hollywood Beach Sunrise- Volume One, priced at $19.99 and hundreds of digital downloads of similar content, ranging in retail price from $1.99 to $19.99 each, with discounts for multiple items. Have a look...I'm sure that you'll see the natural "connection" between my video content and your clients. ALL content is marketed through my Shopify based web store!
Slashare is an eCommerce start-up hailing from Silicon Valley, born in the COVID-19 era. We understand that the economy has radically changed for many people in recent times, and we want to respond in similarly radical ways by offering customers exceptional deals, quality, and transparency.Slashare is not a traditional retailer that maximizes profit by driving up its mark-up. Instead, we want to offer a range of curated products at a price point that is much closer to the true cost of the material, labor, and shipping values than other sellers want you to believe is possible. In order to help young shoppers reduce their living costs, we offer products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or style. Through bundles, subscriptions, and all-you-can-fill models, Slashare offers consumers many opportunities to procure “lifestyles in a box” without the time commitment or high cost. By carefully selecting essential and desirable products for a younger, discerning, and cost-conscious generation,... More